Favorite Posts Are Now Working

I was able to get the Favorites system to work the way I was expecting it to, so you too can now add images to your favorites collection! Just click on the “Add To Favorites” link on any post, then find them by clicking on “Favorites” in the header!

Batman #14

Batman14 663x1024 Batman #14

Cover to Batman #14.

Nico Robin

NicoRobinOnePieceDandonFuga01 733x1024 Nico Robin

NicoRobinOnePieceDandonFuga02 733x1024 Nico Robin

From One Piece, Nico Robin by Dandon Fuga.

Mikura Suzuki

MikuraSuzukiMezzoForteGanassa 454x1024 Mikura Suzuki

From Mezzo and Mezzo Forte, Mikura Suzuki by Ganassa.

Loose Ends #1

LooseEnds1 675x1024 Loose Ends #1

Cover to Loose Ends #1.

Captain Marvel Cosplay

CaptainMarvelCosplay Captain Marvel Cosplay

Cosplay of Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers).

Eli Ayase

EliAyaseLoveLive Eli Ayase

Eli Ayase from Love Live.

Future Quest #9

FutureQuest9 675x1024 Future Quest #9

Cover to Future Quest #9.


Magik154 Magik

Magik of the X-men.


NellielBleachGanassa 429x1024 Nelliel

From Bleach, Nelliel by Ganassa.

Hatsune Miku

HatsuneMikuVocaloid Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid.


MagikLinsner Magik

Magik by Linsner.

Red Sonja

RedSonjaFrelncer Red Sonja

Red Sonja by Frelncer.

Romulus #4

Romulus4 662x1024 Romulus #4

Cover to Romulus #4.

Mary Marvel

MaryMarvelBenes Mary Marvel

Mary Marvel by Benes.

Katarina du Couteau & Riven

KatarinaDuCouteauRivenLeagueOfLegends 801x1024 Katarina du Couteau & Riven

Katarina du Couteau and Riven from League of Legends.

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #3

StarWarsDoctorAphra3 676x1024 Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #3

Cover for Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #3.

Fukua & Filia

FukuaFiliaSkullgirls Fukua & Filia

Fukua and Filia from Skullgirls.

Rin Shibuya

RinShibuyaIdolmaster 1024x793 Rin Shibuya

Rin Shibuya from Idolmaster.

Magik & Storm

MagikStormExtraXmen15 01 675x1024 Magik & Storm

MagikStormExtraXmen15 02 675x1024 Magik & Storm

MagikStormExtraXmen15 03 675x1024 Magik & Storm

Magik and Storm from Extraordinary X-men #15.


Batgirl074 695x1024 Batgirl


Motoko Kusanagi

MotokoKusanagiDandonFuga01 727x1024 Motoko Kusanagi

MotokoKusanagiDandonFuga02 727x1024 Motoko Kusanagi

MotokoKusanagiDandonFuga03 727x1024 Motoko Kusanagi

MotokoKusanagiDandonFuga04 727x1024 Motoko Kusanagi

From Ghost in the Shell, Motoko Kusanagi by Dandon Fuga.

Crystal Cosplay

CrystalCosplay Crystal Cosplay

Cosplay of Crystal from the Inhumans.

Zatanna captured by Deathstroke

DeathstrokeZatanna Zatanna captured by Deathstroke

Deathstroke captures Zatanna.

Spell on Wheels #4

SpellOnWheels4 678x1024 Spell on Wheels #4

Cover to Spell on Wheels #4.

Kasumigaoka Utaha and Sawamura Spencer Eriri

EririSpencerSawamuraUtahaKasumigaokaHowToRaiseBGF 1024x576 Kasumigaoka Utaha and Sawamura Spencer Eriri

Kasumigaoka Utaha and Sawamura Spencer Eriri from How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend.

Charlotte Yeager

CharlotteYeagerStrikeWitches 1024x745 Charlotte Yeager

Charlotte Yeager from Strike Witches.

Mayday #3

Mayday3 675x1024 Mayday #3

Cover to Mayday #3.

Invincible Iron Man #1 variant

InvincibleIronMan1var 666x1024 Invincible Iron Man #1 variant

Variant cover to Invincible Iron Man #1 by J. Scott Campbell.

Filia and Mrs. Victoria

FiliaMrsVictoriaSkullgirls 1024x969 Filia and Mrs. Victoria

Filia and Mrs. Victoria from Skullgirls.


StargirlCamilo Stargirl

Stargirl by Renato Camilo.

Honaka Kousaka

HonakaKousakaLoveLive 808x1024 Honaka Kousaka

Honaka Kousaka from Love Live.

Filia and Samson

FiliaSamsonSkullgirls Filia and Samson

FiliaSamsonSkullgirls02 Filia and Samson

Filia and Samson from Skullgirls.


CattleyaQueensBlade 741x1024 Cattleya

Cattleya from Queen’s Blade.

Queen Butterfly and Star Butterfly

StarButterflyQueenButterflyStarVsForcesOfEvil Queen Butterfly and Star Butterfly

Queen Butterfly and Star Butterfly from Star vs the Forces of Evil.

Wonder Woman & Stargirl

WonderWomanStargirl Wonder Woman & Stargirl

Wonder Woman and Stargirl by Palcomix.

Heavy armor Batman

Heavy armor Batman 300x169 Heavy armor Batman

Batman on roof

Batman on roof 193x300 Batman on roof

Batman couches in the wind

Batman couches in the wind 300x169 Batman couches in the wind

Batlogo Shirt

Batlogo Shirt 182x300 Batlogo Shirt

Angry Batman

Angry Batman 300x240 Angry Batman

Armored Batman

Armored Batman 156x300 Armored Batman

AZbats jumping

AZbats jumping 199x300 AZbats jumping

80s batman bikini

80s batman bikini 123x300 80s batman bikini

Batman punches joker while yelling JASON

Batman punches joker while yelling JASON 201x300 Batman punches joker while yelling JASON

Double Batbikini

Double Batbikini 222x300 Double Batbikini

batman and chase

Lego Batman and the Lego JLA

Lego Batman and the Lego JLA 300x169 Lego Batman and the Lego JLA

Batman Card game

Batman Card game 300x188 Batman Card game

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